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Glazing to New Zealand Standards

Glazing to New Zealand Standards

Is The Glass At Your Premises Legal? You Should Find Out!

Is the glass at your premises legal? Does it meet glazing requirements under the New Zealand Standards.

You probably don't know the answer, which isn't surprising. In most cases the glass has been there for years. It's not something you think about because it's not relevant to you.

But it is. What you probably also don't know, is that if there is an accident involving glass where someone gets hurt, and it turns out the glass does not comply with the current New Zealand Standards, then you could be sued.

It doesn't really matter where or how the glass breakage occurs. It's an accident. But if the injury is caused by glass which does not comply with the current glazing standard, irrespective of when the glass was originally installed, then the property owner and by implication their agent or advisors may end up in court.

Where any replacement glazing is being carried out because of breakage, a guarantee should be obtained from the company doing the replacement work that the new glass meets the current glazing code. If incorrect glass is installed, you could be liable and held responsible if somebody is injured.

Smith&Smith® is able to offer a glass audit service which will resolve the quandary experienced by most people of knowing whether or not glass in their premises is compliant. A glass compliance audit will advise whether all glass in your premises, covering a wide range of applications, meets the current glazing code.