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What is the difference between Dynamic and Static ADAS Calibration?

There are two distinct branches of ADAS Calibration. Depending on the nature of your windscreen technologies – you will require either a dynamic, or static calibration, or a combination of both static and dynamic calibration.

    Dynamic calibration

    This is sometimes referred to as mobile calibration as the calibration is carried out with the use of a hand-held device plugged directly into the car. In most cases, the vehicle will then need to be driven at a prescribed speed over a certain distance in optimum weather conditions so the system can become accustomed to certain road features. Often the vehicle manufacturer will stipulate specific parameters for calibration of their dynamic ADAS.

    Static calibration

    Static calibration, also know as fixed calibration is carried out in a specially tailored workshop environment. This form of calibration requires a specialist Camera and Sensor Calibration Tool. Each car manufacturer requires different calibration settings due to the particulars for their Static ADAS.

    At Smith&Smith® we are equipped to cater for both Dynamic and Static Advanced Driver Assistance System Calibration.

    Your ADAS calibration appointment

    If your car is fitted with ADAS technology, it may require a calibration following a windscreen replacement. But don't worry, we'll let you know when you book with us.

    One of our fully-trained technicians will then perform the calibration during your appointment using our in-house tools when available. In some cases where we are not able to complete the calibration service in-house, we will arrange for your vehicle camera to be recalibrated for you. 

    At Smith&Smith®, we are the ADAS calibration specialists, with the expert knowledge and tools to complete a calibration.

    Request an appointment online today or call us on 0800 48 33 88 to arrange an appointment.