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ADAS Information & Guarantee

Guarantee claims can be made at any Smith&Smith® branch or Authorised Dealer. 

What is ADAS?

ADAS is an abbreviation for Advanced Driver Assistance System, a collective term for the new technology of safety cameras and radars designed to assist the driver in dangerous driving conditions and situations. The majority of camera systems are either attached to the inside of the windscreen or are mounted on the roof and look through the windscreen. In both cases the manufacturer often specifies the camera system must be recalibrated immediately after windscreen installation. 

Why does Smith&Smith® recalibrate your car’s ADAS safety cameras?

It is recommended by most vehicle manufacturers that after replacing your windscreen the cameras should be recalibrated to ensure the system is operating with the precision that the safety system requires.

At Smith&Smith® when we replace a windscreen with in built ADAS technology, we believe the safest option is to recalibrate the windscreen camera in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Does Smith&Smith® guarantee the camera recalibration?

Yes, we do. We guarantee our work for a year after we have recalibrated it, or until the next recalibration event occurs, whichever occurs first.

Recalibration events include windscreen replacements, wheel alignments, change of wheels, tyres or geometry changes, faulty engine control unit or disconnection or partial removal of the camera from its mounting. The vehicle guide book should provide you with a full list of recalibration events for your vehicle.

What if I think the recalibration didn’t work?

If the recalibration is defective, we will carry out another recalibration test for you, free of charge.

Can I use the vehicle if the recalibration didn’t work?

You should not rely on the ADAS technology within the vehicle if you suspect that the recalibration was faulty and you must ensure all those who might drive the vehicle are also aware to not place reliance on the system.

What is the Smith&Smith® recalibration guarantee?

If you have a concern with the recalibration of your vehicle, contact us and we will arrange for your vehicle to be recalibrated at the most convenient Smith&Smith® branch or manufacturer’s representative’s location. If there is no recalibration location reasonable for you to attend, we will arrange to pick up the vehicle.


Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that the driver should have their ADAS cameras recalibrated after a recalibration event. It is important that you check the vehicle guide book for your car to understand what is recommended for your vehicle.

Typically, a vehicle could expect to experience any number of events in a year that affect things like suspension or tyres, impacting upon the reliability of the cameras recalibration.

For this reason we recommend you recalibrate your camera each year as part of your regular service.

For complete transparency, nothing in this document limits your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act.