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Our nationwide workmanship guarantee

Guarantee claims can be made at any Smith&Smith® branch or Authorised Dealer. Alternatively, call us on 0800 80 90 80

Glass installation
Now that your job is completed, we would like to keep you in safe hands with a nationwide guarantee on all Smith&Smith® glass installation workmanship for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Windscreen repairs
Our workmanship is always of a high standard but occasionally (despite our best efforts) the windscreen repair process may fail or be unsuccessful. If this occurs we will refund to you the cost of the original repair when you buy a new windscreen from us.

New glass
Should the product installed have a manufacturing defect (not detected at the time of installation) it will be replaced—free.

ADAS Recalibration Services
We guarantee our work for a year after we have recalibrated a camera, or until the next recalibration event occurs, whichever occurs first.

Recalibration events include windscreen replacements, wheel alignments, change of wheels, tyres or geometry changes, faulty engine control unit or disconnection or partial removal of the camera from its mounting. The vehicle guide book should provide you with a full list of recalibration events for your vehicle.

If the recalibration is defective, we will carry out another recalibration test for you, free of charge.

If you have a concern with the recalibration of your vehicle, contact us and we will arrange for your vehicle to be recalibrated at the most convenient Smith&Smith® branch or manufacturer’s representative’s location. If there is no recalibration location reasonable for you to attend, we will arrange to pick up the vehicle.

For complete transparency, nothing in this document limits your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act.