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School holiday staycations with the kids

It’s nearly the school holidays so we’ve put together a list of some awesome staycation ideas for family activities over the break.

Charity Step-a-thon for Afrika Tikkun

The Smith&Smith® team are on a mission to walk, run and exercise their way across a map of South Africa to fundraise for the charity Afrika Tikkun.

Checking your tyre tread

When was the last time you checked your tyre tread? According to NZTA the legal minimum tread depth is 1.5mm but advisors say the grip of tyres in wet...

Recognising our people at our annual awards evening

At Smith&Smith® recognising our people for their achievements both big and small is an important part of our internal culture.

Car safety tips for driving with children

Driving safe is crucial when little ones are in the car, so we’re sharing some child car safety tips.

Road trip games to entertain the family

Make sure the journey is just as fun as your destination. Our list of road trip games are perfect for the whole family to enjoy as you travel.

Podcasts for your daily commute

We’ve compiled a list of podcasts, both local and global that we have been listening to lately on the daily commute.

Pack your bags! Destination ideas for weekends away

Whatever your holiday preferences, we’ve got the options covered with our destination inspiration.

Sharing the road with cyclists

Did you know you should ideally leave at least 1.5 metres between you and a cyclist when passing in a car?

Five must-have apps related to car travel

Take a look at our top picks below of five free innovative apps today that could help save you time and money and make your journeys a little easier.