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As part of our quality control procedures and to help us improve the service we give all our customers, when you speak with a Smith&Smith® Customer Service Representative by telephone, we may record your call.

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The information provided by our customer solutions team through our Web Chat service is general information only and we may need to speak with you further to discuss your particular circumstances. We will retain a transcript of each Web Chat which we will use to monitor the services we provide and for coaching purposes. If you do not wish to proceed with the Web Chat, please end the chat. If you provide us with personal information, we will treat it in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We have implemented data security safeguards, but there are always risks associated with using websites. Please refer to our section on Security of Information here.


Where we ask you to pay a deposit, this is to secure your appointment and any pre-ordering of glass that we arrange for you. If you later cancel your appointment and a deposit has been paid, the deposit is non-refundable once we have ordered the glass (unless we are at fault). You may choose to reschedule your appointment for the same vehicle within 12 months without losing your deposit.

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Terms of Business:

Vehicle glass repair and replacement services

1. You are dealing with Belron NZ Limited, trading as Smith&Smith®. In these terms of business, references to “we” or “Smith&Smith®” or “our” means Belron NZ Limited. By asking us to carry out vehicle glass repair and replacement work on your vehicle you agree that our work shall be governed by the following terms.

2. If our work is the subject of a claim on an insurance policy and you (the person making the booking with us) are not the policyholder for the relevant vehicle, you confirm that your dealings with us are made with the authority of the policyholder.

3. Where available to us, we check the latest information submitted to us by insurers to confirm that our work may be paid for under your insurance policy. Where practicable, we will contact your insurer directly to verify the nature and scope of your insurance cover.

4. In the course of repair, glass may crack beyond repair through no fault of our technician. You acknowledge that risk, after all your windscreen glass is under pressure. If that happens, we will ask if you would like us to replace the glass, which will be at your cost. If you wish to proceed with replacement, we will provide you with an estimate of the costs and deduct the cost of the repair you have paid from our replacement costs.

5. Assignment: If you choose to pay us for your service through insurance, you agree that, from the time we begin work on your vehicle, (i) you have assigned to us your right to collect the claim proceeds, and (ii) you shall take any steps necessary or reasonably required, including signing any further document, to prove or otherwise give all practical or legal effect to such assignment.

6. The visibility of a repair to glass depends on the nature of the damage at the time of repair. (For example, the amount of dirt within the chip can make the repair more visible). A repair will always be an improvement from the original chip as it will stop the chip turning into a crack. However, there may be a blemish or visual impurity (sometimes called the ‘dried raindrop effect’) that will not materially affect the drivers vision. This is normal and not the result of a defective repair job. In this case, if you are not happy with the look of our repair, we can replace your windscreen if you pay for a replacement screen, but you are not entitled to a refund.

7. A diagrammatic record of obvious visible damage existing on your vehicle will normally be made by our technician before starting work on your vehicle. We exclude all liability for repair of damage, whether visible or not, existing before we began to work on your vehicle.

8. We acknowledge our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act. If we damage your vehicle, we can arrange its repair at no cost to you. If you organise a repair yourself, without our prior written approval, we do not guarantee to pay all of the costs you incur. We may ask you to provide us with reasonable evidence of the damage caused by us, including requesting two written estimates prepared by independent repairers in advance of commencement of the work and without this you acknowledge that we may not be responsible. We also reserve our right to require additional estimates where for any reason we believe the estimated costs are not reasonable.

9. If you pay by Laybuy, then you will continue to make payments to them while we work to resolve any complaints or warranty issues and you should not assume you can stop payments as this is a separate contract between you and Laybuy. Please contact Laybuy directly for further information.

10. Key limitations to our work:

(1) We are unable to install a replacement windscreen on corroded metal. If we find your vehicle to be corroded (i.e. rusted) we will stop work. The corroded metal must be repaired at your expense before we can continue the repair.

(2) Certain vehicles now have Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) cameras mounted on their windscreen. Vehicle manufacturers specify that certain of those ADAS cameras require recalibration following replacement of the vehicle’s windscreen. We will recalibrate the vehicle’s camera ourselves where we can, otherwise we will refer you to a third party. All recalibrations involve an additional charge.

11. Where recalibration is recommended for your vehicle’s ADAS camera, before making your booking with us, we will normally advise you of the cost and ask whether you would like us to recalibrate your ADAS camera. Some vehicles are only identifiable as ADAS vehicles by inspection, if this is the case we will advise you when you bring the vehicle to us. We may drive your vehicle if a dynamic vehicle recalibration is required. You acknowledge this will add additional KM to your vehicle.

12. Our liability to you is limited to what the Consumer Guarantees Act requires of us, after taking account of your legal duty to minimise the loss.

13. Where payment for our work on your vehicle will be made using a trade or company account, our trade/company terms will apply to our work in priority to the terms written above.

14. You agree that our privacy policy and policy on cookies as it or they appear from time to time on our website shall govern the handling of your personal information that we receive from you, your insurer or other third party (such as a broker).

Conditions applying to all Quotes

15. Valid for 30 days from the date of the quote.

16. Specific to the location selected at the time of getting the quote.

17. Payment is due on or before completion of the job.

18. Quote is based upon currently identified products, should these change, the quote may also change. All pricing is in NZD.

19. If rust is found it must be repaired at the customer’s expense before work commences.

20. Vehicle to be picked up within 24 hours or storage fees of $100 per day may apply at our discretion.

21. Moulds, recalibration and fees for other ancillary services are not included unless specifically itemised on quote.

22. The price quoted is for a fully installed aftermarket glass provided by Smith&Smith® with standard moulding.This price and terms do not apply at Authorised Dealer locations unless specifically agreed by that Authorised Dealer.

23. If for any reason glass is unavailable at the time of booking, we will contact you to discuss whether you would prefer to delay the time of booking until an aftermarket piece of glass becomes available, or for an additional fee, we may be able to source a manufacturer branded piece of glass from a local dealer. We will always seek your agreement prior to any variation.

24. If the vehicle in which the glass is being repaired or replaced is used for the purposes of a business; or if you purchase the goods for business purposes, you agree that the Consumer Guarantee Act does not apply to the purchase of goods and services by you. We will perform our service to the best of our ability at a time and location to be agreed between us.

25. We may vary our appointment time with you for any reason (acting reasonably). If we do this, we will do our best to notify you in advance of any change and suggest an alternative that is convenient for you. If it is not convenient to you, you are entitled to a refund.

26. Where we ask you to pay a deposit, this is to secure your appointment and any pre-ordering of glass that we arrange for you. If you later cancel your appointment and a deposit has been paid, the deposit is non-refundable once we have ordered the glass (unless we are at fault). You may choose to reschedule your appointment for the same vehicle within 12 months without losing your deposit.

27. If the appointment is cancelled and no glass was specifically ordered, all funds will be refunded to the original card where payment was made.

28. If a refund is agreed and payment was made via Eftpos, Debit Card or Credit Card, the funds will be refunded to the original card where payment was made. This may take 5 – 10 days to be processed.

29. If we hand back your vehicle to an agreed location, it is at your risk after we have deposited the car where requested.

30. Payment is due before we start the job and there are no credit terms available unless you are a business and have signed our credit terms. We accept Eftpos, Debit Cards and all major credit cards (excluding Amex and Q Card). If you have been unable to provide payment at the time of the booking, then we can take this the day before your booking when we call to confirm.

31. If you are claiming through your insurer, should they advise that your policy information is not correct or that you have excess payable, we will contact you and send you an invoice which requires payment within 7 days.

32. We are entitled to keep your vehicle until you have paid for services provided.

Business Partners Code of Conduct

The relationship Belron NZ Limited trading as Smith&Smith® and its affiliated companies, including those trading under the Laser® and Exceed brands (Group) have with our business partners is key to our success and is supported by our ethical principles. Our suppliers are our business partners and we care about the way our suppliers (Business Partners) do business. This Business Partners’ Code of Conduct (Code) sets out the minimum standards of behaviour that the Group expects its Business Partners (and suppliers in their own supply chain) to meet in the areas of labour and human rights, health and safety, environment, business integrity, privacy and supplier diversity. Compliance with the minimum requirements outlined in each area is a requirement of conducting business with the Group.

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