Rain repellent for windscreen

Rain repellent

Rain repellent is highly effective when driving on motorways in wet and cold weather conditions, giving a clearer view of the road ahead. Enhanced visibility can provide a quicker reaction time which helps increase safety not just for you, but also for others on the road around you.

After applying a rain repellent treatment, when driving over 70km/hr, the coating causes the rain to bead up and roll off the windscreen, giving you clearer visibility of the road.

The rain repellent treatment will help prevent ice from sticking to your windscreen and allowing for easier removal of frost and ice. It also makes removal of bugs easier and prevents bugs from sticking to the windscreen while you’re driving.

Also great for those longer trips on open highways or motorways travelling in excess of 70km/h where rain repellent is most effective.

Following a rain repellent treatment your windscreen wipers can last longer.

With an application time of under 10 minutes, it’s an easy and quick add on service to your windscreen repair or replacement. Ask one of our technicians for a demo today.

Benefits of rain repellent

  • Repels the rain
  • Improves driver visibility by more than 30%
  • The rain will bead up and easily roll right off your windscreen
  • Makes it easier to clear frost, ice, and even dirt and bugs
  • Your wipers can last longer when used with rain repellent
  • Quick application, our technicians can apply it in less than 10 minutes
Rain Repellant application
What is rain repellent?

It’s a coating that forms a chemical bond with your windscreen glass. It also allows easy cleaning of the windscreen and helps improve your visibility.

How does rain repellent work?

The rain repellent coating causes the rain to bead up and roll off the windscreen while you’re driving giving a clearer view of the road ahead. It works best at speeds over 70km/hr.

How long does rain repellent last?

It can last up to 3 months depending on the environment and driving conditions. For example, if you live in a place that rains a lot and you are driving more frequently, then you may use your wipers more often. If you live in a drier climate where there is less rain or you only drive in the weekends, then you may not use your wipers as often and so the product may last longer.

It’s a bit like a tyre on your car – the more you drive the car, the more wear and tear and the sooner you may have to get it replaced.

What are the benefits of rain repellent?

Rain repellent improves driver visibility by more than 30% and can also improve the longevity of your wipers. The coating makes it easier to remove frost and ice in those cooler climate conditions and prevents ice from sticking to your windscreen. It also helps with those pesty bugs, preventing them from sticking to the windscreen while you’re driving and making it easier to remove them.

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