Safety System Recalibration FAQs

What is a windscreen camera recalibration?

A safety camera recalibration is a process carried out to check correct alignment of the forward facing camera of a car so that its Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) can work as intended.

At Smith&Smith®, our technicians are trained to our high standards to complete camera recalibrations using our specialised tools.

Why do I need a windscreen recalibration?

Most onboard safety systems your car has use features that rely on a group of cameras or sensors to do their job. They usually sit inside a car behind the windscreen and when a glass replacement is carried out, its angle and position could be altered.

A recalibration of the camera is performed to check this, so that your vehicle’s forward facing camera is working as intended.

If a recalibration is not completed, a safety feature like lane deviation warning or automatic emergency braking may not work like it was intended which could increase the risk of a collision.

What is the difference between dynamic and static calibration?

Dynamic calibration involves driving the vehicle to complete the recalibration process.

Static calibration takes place in our branch with the vehicle parked. Here, we use a level floor and specialist equipment to make sure that we can complete a successful recalibration.

At Smith&Smith® we are equipped to cater for both Dynamic and Static Advanced Driver Assistance System recalibration, for many vehicles.

How long does it take to complete a calibration?

A glass replacement with a recalibration will usually take between 4 and 8 hours so we may need your car for a full day. We will advise you at the time of making your appointment how long we will need your car for.

Recalibration guarantee

We guarantee our recalibration work for a year after we have recalibrated a camera, or until the next recalibration event occurs, whichever occurs first.

Recalibration events include windscreen replacements, wheel alignments, change of wheels, tyres or geometry changes, faulty engine control unit or disconnection or partial removal of the camera from its mounting. The vehicle guide book should provide you with a full list of recalibration events for your vehicle.

If the recalibration is defective, we will carry out another recalibration test for you, free of charge.

You should tell us as soon as you become aware of any problem so we can fix it.

If you have a concern with the recalibration of your vehicle, contact us and we will arrange for your vehicle to be recalibrated at the most convenient Smith&Smith® branch or manufacturer’s representative’s location. If there is no recalibration location reasonable for you to attend, we will arrange to pick up the vehicle.

What will it cost to get my windscreen camera recalibrated?

For insured customers that have full glass cover, the windscreen camera recalibration is usually covered as part of the windscreen replacement and so there is no additional fee for this service. Call us today on 0800 48 33 88 and we'll help you through the process of contacting your insurer to find out what your cover includes.

Not insured?

Unfortunately we are not able to confirm the cost of a windscreen camera recalibration online as it depends on a number of factors that we need to discuss with you. For example we need to know the details of the make and model of your vehicle to assess if a static or dynamic recalibration is required.

Give us a call today on 0800 48 33 88 and our team will be happy to talk you through the process and then provide you with the cost to recalibrate your forward facing windscreen camera.

Unsure if your insurance includes windscreen recalibration cover?

If you are insured, but are not sure what your policy covers, one of our team members can help you find out. Call us today on 0800 48 33 88 and we'll help you through the process of contacting your insurer to find out what your cover includes. If it turns out that your policy does not include full glass cover, we can give you an affordable quote before carrying out the work.

How does an excess work on a policy with glass cover?

Normally an excess is a contribution you make to the costs of an insurance claim. On some insurance policies, there may be an excess that apply to car glass damage claims.

Glass cover may be limited to a certain number of claims per policy year, which usually refreshes on your policy renewal date.

Call us today on 0800 48 33 88 to find out if you’re covered for a glass damage claim – we have arrangements with many insurance partners so we can check to see whether you’re covered or if an excess applies.

Still unsure?

Don’t worry! We can help. We understand insurance can often be confusing, and many people are unsure how to approach their insurer when trying to make a claim on glass damage. We speak to thousands of customers a year, so we’re happy to help no matter the situation.

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