What will my windscreen cost to replace or repair?

When your car glass gets damaged, one of your first thoughts is probably how much will this cost me?

The cost of fixing your glass depends on if the damage meets our criteria to be repaired or if we recommend that a full windscreen replacement is required. If a windscreen replacement is required then the cost will depend on the make, model and the age of your vehicle.

Complete our quote request form today and one of team members will call you back with a quote. Alternatively, we can call us on 0800 48 33 88 and we can provide you a quote over the phone.

No insurance cover?

No worries, Smith&Smith® can still help. Many customers choose to pay out of their own pocket. We know that price is important to you and will do everything we can to ensure we provide value for money.

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Unsure if your insurance includes glass cover?

If you are insured, but are not sure what your policy covers, one of our team members can help you find out. Book online today and we’ll help you through the process of contacting your insurer to find out what your cover includes. If it turns out that your policy does not include glass cover, we can give you an affordable quote before carrying out the work.

How does an excess work on a policy with glass cover?

Normally an excess is a contribution you make to the costs of an insurance claim. On some insurance policies, there may be an excess that apply to car glass damage claims.

Glass cover may be limited to a certain number of claims per policy year, which usually refreshes on your policy renewal date.

Call us today on 0800 48 33 88 to find out if you’re covered for a glass damage claim – we have arrangements with many insurance partners so we can check to see whether you’re covered or if an excess applies.

Still unsure?

Don’t worry! We can help. We understand insurance can often be confusing, and many people are unsure how to approach their insurer when trying to make a claim on glass damage. We speak to thousands of customers a year, so we’re happy to help no matter the situation.

Insured? We’ll take care of the paperwork

As New Zealand’s leading vehicle glass repair and replacement specialists, we work closely with most major insurance providers.

If you are insured, have glass cover and no excess then your repair or replacement will more than likely be at no cost to you. Talk to us first and in many instances we can even lodge the claim for you. If you are insured, but not sure what your policy covers, our team can help you find out.

Why choose us?

When you get your vehicle glass fixed by an Smith&Smith® expert technician, you can drive away with confidence knowing that your repair or replacement is done to our high standards.

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